My story

Why set up my property business, why me? Why now?

I have 18 years of housing experience and in that time I have seen a lot of bad practices and injustices for each different side between landlords, tenants and agents.  Sadly there is the ignorance, they want to get it right and do a great job or they want to make a decision but they make the wrong choices, or get confused, but you just don’t know what they don’t know and sadly this is not defence if you fall foul of the law!  

To start up my own business has been a dream for a while now, I have talked about it on and off for years, being my own boss, brilliant, but I had been a bit too scared to take that leap!  Fast forward my life to December 2019 where I got made redundant, people said it would be the best thing that happened, but I was like what are they on about, this is the worst thing, my age, what am I doing? Where am I going? The doubts, the insecurities, the worries and financial strain and not being independent started to creep in.  I had a bit of money to say find a job within a few months and we also took an opportunity to book a really lovely holiday to Jamaica in March 2020 our chance to do something big, or so we thought!  So I job hunted then slowly watched that car crash moment where it was announced that Covid-19 was here and that a full lockdown was in place!  I am truly lucky, I REALLY mean that when I say it could have been much worse for me! With the amazing support of my partner we managed but I could quite easily have just given up! I had days and months of feeling depressed but I shook if off determined to get there eventually.  I job hunted like a mad person, widening my searches, it became an obsession over that fear of being left on the scrap heap!  10 months out of work which is how long it took to get a job because of everything being closed! During this time I came across a challenge to start a side hustle and the Queen Bee of Joy Julie Begbie came into my life, along with the Hive.  This group of women are honestly the best, the ones I call my friends, where I both give support and I am supported by these wonderful women.  I then started my own little craft business and knew that actually there you go you can be a small business owner.

At Christmas 2021 I sat down to think, REALLY think about what did I really want to do with my life? I wanted to have the courage to stand up and be counted.  I wanted to make money for ME and my family rather than someone else and going from month to month pay packet to pay packet.  I wanted to follow my dreams. Then came an opportunity to fast track my side hustle, completely at the right time! I took a very deep breath and went for it, it is now or never Renee and I gave myself a good talking to! Lol. You see I wanted to give people my hands on support and guidance that no one out there really seems to do or give proper time and attention to. I want to be able to go at someone’s own pace and really understand their property concerns and journey and where to guide them to next!  Property is very emotive if one thing I have learnt on my journey of life is that there is the good, the bad and the ugly.  I am very passionate about lifelong learning where the more we learn the better connected we become.  We achieve more when we collaborate together and we can continually build our personal growth. 

So here I am Renee-Marie Young of RMY Specialist Housing Solutions, it is lovely to meet you and I do hope you will join me on my journey, it may be bumpy it may be smooth but I know it will be one hell of a ride.